Our award winning interiors are founded upon a sound and creative understanding of exclusive finishes and materials to promote unique spaces whilst ensuring its functionality for our end-users.

Design is about communication and forms that express feelings.

At EDH, we design inner spaces by creating new relationships between the exterior and interior components of a building.

Ensuring consistency between architecture and our interior, we create a flow between the inside and outside.

Our buildings are designed from the inside out, hence the importance of the inner space and interiors being resolved simultaneously.

We are solving a three dimensional puzzle of spatial planning to achieve the optimally functional, economic and aesthetic outcome.


Client: Edwards

Location: Forresters Beach, NSW

Construction: $1.1M, Completed 2012

Building Area: 227m²

Site Area: 581m²

Awards: Not entered to retain client's privacy

A unique renovation of an existing 1970 red brick home that was converted to a contemporary beach home with an inspired floating roof accentuated by black butt timber beams with frameless glass infills. the home extensively utilised natural sustainable materials that created a warm yet casual feeling for the occupants.


Client: Belle Property

Location: Terrigal, NSW

Construction Completed: 2021

Floor Area: 62m²

An exquisite cafe bakery fitout, designed to accomodate an appropriate 'fit for purpose' process whilst capturing the emotional attraction of passing clientelle. the design encorportated backlit onyx marble, ebony vogue timber veneer joinery and polished concrete floors. EDH Group encorporated a unique ligting design to capture and express the fitout whilst ensuring the cafe's responsiveness to it's business strategy.