‘Open the Door to Creative Difference.’

We believe Architecture is the aspect of design which incorporates Space, Style and Materials; the essential elements that express your lifestyle.

Our meticulous planning, attention to detail, perfect aesthetics and clever material selection allows us to achieve a project that expresses the simultaneous simplicity and complexity for your project.

‘Good Architecture knows no bounds. Anything is possible.’

At EDH we believe that quality architecture begins at inception and follows through to completion. To this end, we offer a comprehensive service that includes Schematic Design, Design Development, Detailed Working Drawings, Interiors, Contract Administration and Practical Completion. After the completion of our buildings we maintain contact with our clients.

With this feedback, we can learn more about the functionality of our designs and ensure that every aspect of the dwelling is offering purpose and being enjoyed as intended. The other simple reason is that we often become quite attached to our constructions and their owners. We understand that a building is a lot more than just bricks and mortar. So we want to know how it feels to live in, not just how functional it is.

‘Expect the unexpected!’

Design is about communication and forms that express feelings.

At EDH, we design inner spaces by creating new relationships between the exterior and interior components of a building.

Ensuring consistency between architecture and our interiors, we create a flow between the inside and outside. Our buildings are designed from the inside out, hence the importance of the inner spatial design and interiors being resolved simultaneously.

We are solving a three dimensional puzzle of spatial planning to achieve the optimal functional, economic and aesthetic outcome.

Our knowledge of planning provides excellent amenities to the inhabitants and we have a proven record of unique, innovative and quality designs in all of our projects. These assets have always inspired Council to consider our applications in a favourable light.

We have extensive experience built up over many years in dealings with respective Councils and Planning Authorities. We have established mutual respect and a positive working relationships with their planning staff and development assessment panels.

We are fully aware of Council’s planning policies for, and attitudes to all projects. This experience will enable us to present your proposal in a manner which will ensure the best possible result.

Our applications consider all requirements, guidelines and outcomes with reference to Council’s Development Control Plans.


EDH Pty Ltd has a character renowned for providing superior working documentation services, not only for our own design, but also assisting complex documentation requirements for other developments and existing/current Development Application (DA) Approvals.

Maintaining a meticulous level of documentation throughout the resources of EDH Pty Ltd allows projects of any nature in size or complexity to be documented accordingly.  Our existing network of professionals allows streamlined collaboration and coordination, providing the capacity for relevant documentation to be worked on concurrently in order to meet the client’s procurement and delivery program. 

With our preceding reputation, directly related to our attention to detail throughout the entire documentation process allows alternate construction techniques and building methodologies to be applied on a ‘fit for purpose’ basis. With our extensive knowledge of building construction accrued over the last 25 years, the final approved processes have always provided a practical solution to define a cost analysis whilst maintaining its architectural content. 

Our practice utilises software technologies in Building Information Modeling (Revit-BIM) that allows documentation of projects in 3D.  We coordinate all specialist consultant teams in a virtual environment to allow the building and documentation to be clear, legible and appropriately coordinated.


Our Principal Mark Eastham is involved at every stage of projects from inception to completion. to ensure that the client’s expectations are met.


Input and support is also provided by the individual team members including interior design, design and documentation, reviews, planning and QA audits. 


A wide range of specialised and extensive knowledge from many years of experience has formed like a patina onto the life of our projects. Our team has an

all-embracing historical background in projects from; residential, master planning, commercial, hotels and resorts.


These allow us to filter through these backgrounds to ensure the most appropriate colleague is working on a project at any given time. The broad experience encapsulates a broader field for alternate solutions by utilising the extensive knowledge and resources, as well as engaging in the most appropriate specific research for the project. By defining innovation to complex puzzle solving, our project structure allows for our team at all levels to provide positive criticism and feedback, to promote a project of diversity and beliefs on a collaborative basis.


Our project team are an extraordinary and diverse group, traversing industry, discipline and experience. Each contributing with founded knowledge and interpretive insight to every project instilled within the business. Together our design team, through adaptive and flexible attributes, provide a wealth of experience to meet market evolution across a broad range of sectors and segments.


We are currently delivering the following project types;

- Master Planning

- Mix Use

- Multi Residential

- Hotel + Resort

- Seniors Living + Affordable Housing


Master Planning
Through careful consideration of stakeholder and community requirements, commerce and functionality at scale, EDH Pty Ltd pride themselves on promoting unique and innovative Master Planning Projects. We apply sound design knowledge and expertise, inspired visions and creative urban strategies to create exclusive environments for individuals.
“Remember the impression one gets from good Architecture that expresses a thought. It makes one want to respond with a gesture” - Ludwig Wittgenstein. At EDH Pty Ltd our experienced team produce successful buildings that embrace not only their context and setting but physical and social interpretations of the sites environments as well.
Interior Design
Our award winning interiors are founded upon a sound and creative understanding of exclusive finishes and materials to promote unique spaces whilst ensuring its functionality for our end-users.
Our expert visualisation professionals work in conjunction with our company to ensure the appropriate levels are communicated to our clients with the highest visualisations that complement the design and its intent. Meticulous attention to the design detail is paramount to ensure that the design is translated with the appropriate language to our clients to complete the story, to engage and inspire.


Maintaining a meticulous level of documentation throughout the resources of EDH Pty Ltd allows projects of any nature in size or complexity to be documented accordingly.  Our existing network of professionals allows streamlined collaboration and coordination, providing the capacity for relevant documentation to be worked on concurrently in order to meet the client’s procurement and delivery program. 


Schematic Design                                                                         

This stage involves preparing drawings of the existing conditions and generating a sketch design.

  1. Prepare brief in consultation with client                   

  2. Prepare preliminary schematic design drawings

  3. Review and adjust design to satisfy brief

  4. Report on proposal

  5. Preliminary estimate of cost/adjustments to design

Design Development

Design development involves meeting and working through the scheme – carrying the design to its resolution.

  1. Develop preliminary drawings, revise in accordance with clients instructions, provide preliminary estimate of cost

  2. Review and adjust to satisfy clients’ instructions

  3. Organise and carry out consultant meetings

  4. Prepare final design report for proposal

  5. Prepare estimate of cost


Development Documentation

     D.A Drawings

     This stage involves preparing precise drawings and providing all 

     documentation for a Development Application.

  1. Prepare preliminary drawings

  2. Prepare final drawings

  3. Prepare schedule of finishes

  4. Prepare Specification Notes

  5. Specification, drafting, editing, typing

  6. Organise, attend and chair consultant/client meetings, distribute minutes

  7. Direct consultants and integrate services

     Presentation Drawings

  1. 3D perspective renderings

  2. Colour floor plans and elevations

  3. Disk with presentation material for Council and client


Project Management and Contract Administration

  1. Administer contract, including progress payments, variations to contract, rise & fall, selections and recommendations

  2. Prepare detailed explanatory drawings and drawing of particular construction details, deemed necessary for contractor

  3. Prepare drawings and information associated with contract variations

  4. Inspect works

  5. Administer defects liability period and warranties


Interior Design

  1. Colour schedule

  2. Joinery detail

  3. Architectural Electrical layout and lighting design

  4. Furnishing and material selection


Rezoning Application

  1. Prepare and submit documents for rezoning application

  2. Town planning documents and associated reports

  3. Legal opinions and reports

  4. Consent from Council and the Minister for Planning


EDH Pty Ltd located at Toowoon Bay on the Central Coast NSW is a consulting practice of Architects, Building and Interior designers established in 1995. We provide clients with a professional service of architecture, interior design, urban planning, development and project management. Mr Mark Eastham NPrA, RAIA as Principal manages the office, its associated employees and consultants. Mr Clive Henri Gorton B.Arch, RAIA a registered architect is involved in all facets of design and documentation.


As we are advancing into an increasingly high-tech society, the practice operates to suit the swing in technology and advancements in architectural form and communication. The Principals are involved in the conceptual design and also in the production of documentation and the administration of each job. This is executed with management of scope of works, time, cost and quality aspects of the project.


Our work is produced on our computer aided drafting system. Our concepts are also hand drawn and presented in a manner to make them understandable and realistic. Our company also provides the additional service to generate fully detailed working drawings.


The experience within EDH Pty Ltd is broad and accomodating to all requirements of our Clients with Residential, Commercial, Planning, Interiors and International projects. All our projects are designed to provide environmental enhancement.


As Architects, the practice is based on providing a professional standard. Our Quality Assurance Program ensures that all projects are carried out in an exact and efficient manner.


Our office methodology provides a new and unique architecture for each and every site. Our architecture is integrated with the surrounding environment, functional in spatial design, and cost effective, providing the Client with our diverse approach to architecture.